Custom Electronics Engineering
SKY7 Group has extreme experience in developing new commercial & prototype electronic devices.  Any idea that you have can be achieved with our skill sets. Our portfolio includes LED lighting controllers for home, night clubs and lunges, car head light led controllers. We also developed may internet enabled devices where electronics can communicate to other equipment or software through internet or reversely the device can be controlled from the internet.  We have built many wireless enabled devices, for example Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices. Also we have capacity to develop high end analog or digital audio devices, such as mixers, processors, network audio or video streamers or clients.

Our electronics development service comes in full package! We will create breadboard proof of concept to show you that technology we selected works for your project. Then we will design the schematics and whole device. We will write the firmware for it and then manufacture PCB board and assemble your electronics. Weather this is through hole simple chip or complex multi-layer SMD board we can do it all.

Since we also provide programming services we can write software programs to control your devices. Ex we can write Windows / Linux / Mac programs to control USB enabled devices. We can also write custom drivers to any device that we are developing.

Once electronic board is designed we can develop packaging for it weather is is generic or injection mold enclosure we will be able to deliver it. We also can design paper packaging for commercial goods (from both industrial engineering and graphic perspective)

If you need to develop electronic device of any complicity please contact us now!