Industrial Engineering
Our industrial engineering services includes development of anything related to 3D CAD models. This includes development of electronics enclosure, product packaging, mechanical engineering of parts, architectural design, and interior design.

Most common service is product packaging or enclosures. So fir example you developed an electronic board and need to present it in functional and aesthetic way to our customers. We will create 3D model for your board that will look good and will be ergonomic. Our model can be customized for various production needs ex most cases production model will be designed for mold injection, however if you need to go with low quantity or rapid prototyping production we can optimize designs for CNC milling or 3D Printing. Moreover we can work with our partners to produce the prototypes for you so you don’t have to worry about looking for suppliers.

If your idea is not an electronic board that is not a problem, we can design any mechanical device for you. As long as you can describe your idea in word we will be able to do it, weather this toy, robot or full scale aircraft or medical device we can provide full engineering service with software emulation and material section guidelines!

Electronics PCB Casing - Rapid Prototyping 3D CAD Model for Mold Injection