SEO – Search Engine Optimization
If you have website it does not necessary means that people can find it easily.  The visibility of your site heavily depends on search engine traffic. In simple words if you sale diamonds in Manhattan and you type “Diamonds” in Google you should see your business on the first page and if your business is not listed within first few pages you will not break even on your site.  To make your site visible to your target audience we can analyze the keywords that match your main revenue generators and then we will advise you how you can compete in that digital market.

In most cases you need to fight for so called organic searches, there search engine recommends your site and most relevant site for the keyword. This is best and most cost effective strategy but to achieve top positions for good organic search keywords the site has to be done in smart way. You should have proper density of keywords on each page. That means not too many and not too little. At the same time keywords should appear in comments of the code + the text that readable to human (and bots) should have meaning.

Alternative to organic search results we can use paid advertisement, even though you pay for the ads to show up you need to analyze your site keywords and how they relate to your traffic. Once we know them keywords we will be able to compete for top rankings in Google and other search engines.

We provide 2 types of SEO services.

First we analyze your current site and show you the list of existing keywords and what traffic they bring to your site, then we will compare that with your business model and possibly recommend new list of keywords. Then we will modify the site to reflect those keywords. Cost of this service depends on the size of the website. And how well it was initially built.

Second service is ongoing search engine optimization maintenance service. Even if your site built perfectly there always is competition that will fight for better ranking. To stay ahead of other businesses you need to add new content. It does not necessary mean that you need to publish articles every time or add pages but you do need to take action every once in a while. Under SEO maintenance service we will look after tour ranking and will make sure your rating is always growing. Specific solutions depend on nature of your website.

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