Social Media SMO

Social Media Optimization

Everyone seems to be on Facebook these days. If your business does not utilize the social media networks you may be losing customers. Of course as business owner you may not have enough time to sit in front of the computer and reply to all Facebook wall message or send out tweets about what your company is doing. That is where SKY7 SMO service comes in.

We will represent your company on social media sites. For example if you created new product, you email us photo of your product and we post it on your company’s Facebook account we will also send out tweets about your product features. If there any questions posted we will answer then for you. Basically we will keep all your profiles alive. This way people who reply on social media as their primary influencer in decision main process will chose your products services instead of someone else.

All communication will be done by our dedicated personal.  We will monitor your online profile activity every day and will ensure prompt participation. If needed we can prepare on time press releases or do product services text write up.
We currently support:

– Facebook
– Linked In
– Tweeter
– Odnoklasniki
– Vkontakte
– YouTube
– Generic Blogs

SKY7 social media support service offers competitive pricings. In many cases to deliver good online presents you will need to hire dedicated personal and that can lead to large monthly cost. To help avoid extra costs you can use our SMO service.  We will charge you fraction of the cost yet will get real person real communication on your profiles just like is someone would support your social profiles in house.

Initial Profile Setup                        $150
We will configure you’re the social profile for the network of your choice.

Weekly Profile Updates                               $50/mo
Up to 2 new messages for example  you have 2 new products released during the week, we will wait till your scheduled update day and the will post those 2 messages. On that day we will as answer all questions posted on the wall or blog.  Under this plan we will have up to 4 days per month when we will work on you social profile.

3 Times a Week updates              $150/mo
We will post up to 2 new messages during the update day and will reply to unlimited post during your scheduled days.

3 Times a Week PLUS                    $250/mo
Same as previous packages, we will update your profile 3 times a week with up to 2 new commercial messages. At the same time we will reply to all post on your profile right away. So when someone post question or comment on your profile we will reply to it right away

5 Days a Week                                  $350/mo
We will send up to 2 new update messages per day  + provide real time during day  replay to all post. Service available Mon-Fri only

7 Days a Week                                  $600/mo
Posting up to 4 new commercial messages to your profiles during each day.  Unlimited reply’s to any posted comment every day of the week. This profile is ideal to show that your company is serious about your online social media presence. You will have content updated daily and any comments are replied right away then they are asked.

7 Days PLUS UNLIMITED               $1500/mo
If you have lots of content to share with your audience and don’t want to have limits of how many messages we will send out per day you can subscribe to our unlimited service. You will get priority access to our personal and your account will be taken care before any other jobs. We will post as much content as you deliver to us. There is no limitation on what and how much of information will be posted. This service is the same as you would hire someone in house to work on your project full time but at a faction of the cost and you don’t even have to pay rent or other related expenses.

Additional Services:
Short Text Write Up                        $75 each
If you need to come up with short text up to ½ of the page you can call us describe what you need and we will put that in writing

Larger Text                                         $200 each
Need  up to 2 pages of text to describe your product or service? Call us talk to us and we will put that in writing for you.

Press Release                                    $800 each
If you need to prepare professional press release we can setup meeting analyze your product and create professional press release for you. We can also do this service over the phone or you can send us email with brief description of what you have.

Photography Service                      $75/hour
If you need to take photos of your products we can provide professional photography service. Please contact us to schedule the appointment.

* Real Time Reply service only available during regular business hours. If message posted when office is closed we will reply to it during our next business day.