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Programming for Google Android mobile platform.

DJ Groovefox iPhone and Android Music Radio App

We are happy to announce development to internet radio for DJ Groovefox. Mobile app will be available on both iPhone and Android platform. With combination of our streaming software users are able to listen to live audio broadcast 24×7 straight from DJ’s turn table. Mobile app radio streaming allows world wide coverage, which increase potential customer base and artist popularity.

DJ Groovefox iPhone 4S Radio Streaming Application Development

SKY7 Studio (S7NY) can develop any type of custom mobile and embedded audio applications. If you need A/V streaming, servers or clients on any platform please contact us at (646) 657-2626. We also can develop dedicated electronics for various loss less audio purposes.

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SKY7 NYC Parking Rules App for Android

SKY7 Studio submits its New York Parking app to NYC BigApps 3.0  If you like our idea then vote for us. We promise to deliver more parking, traffic and automotive products in the future.  We alsoways like car related project and we love to drive around NYC but some times its hard so we will try to make NYC driving experience a bit easier.  We might do future projects with hardware related with help of TempGP Automotive Engineering services.  For now those here is parking App for android platform.


SKY7 NYC Alternative Side Parking Rules app provide real time updates on sustention of street cleaning rules and meters in the city.  In New York City you have to move your car from the side of the street during street cleaning hours, if you don’t move your car you will get ticket. Some times street cleaning rules are suspended either due to scheduled events, or weather emergencies.  Our app provides access to those exceptions for current day and for “tomorrow”.

So if you have our app on your phone you can check if rules are suspended. If they are you can park your car in street cleaning zones. More over some times meters are suspended so you can save few $$$ on meters in certain days.

App has 3 sections, one is the graphical representation of whether rules are suspended or not. If you see green check mark then rules are suspended. If you see red sign then rules are in affect and you should not park.  Below the status icon there is text explain the reason for current rules. If green arrows light up then you can switch between the days. Ex you can go to go see what rules are in affect tomorrow.  Underneath you will find list of calendar events on which sparking rules are suspended. If you see * next to the holiday name then it means that this is major federal holiday and meters are suspended too.


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Language Translation App for Android

We are happy to present the UI of language translation tool for Android. This mobile application helps you learn foreign languages. Select category of your interest and click on common phrases. The application will read you the phrase in foreign language and will give you text translation.  All voices are real human provisional voice overs by our artist!

Android Mobile Language Translation Audio App

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Restaurant Tips Calculator – iPhone/Android

TipWiz is a tip calculator helping you to figure out how much money you should tip at the restaurant. Depending on your satisfaction of the service you can adjust percent value of your tip.  Currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

iPhone Restaurant Tips Calculator App

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NYC Parking Application – iPhone

Need to find parking in NYC and avoid garage fees or street meters? If yes then this apps just for you! App provides real time information about available parking.  It features good informational system along with GPS navigation, and desecrate live communication with other drivers.

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