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GPS + GLONASS Navigation Project

SKY7 & TempGP are currently building new electronics project involving GPS navigation and stand alone GPS Tracer Logging to record position of the car and where it have been. Below is the photo of the navigation chip. It is so fascinating how small GPS receivers are…  Following chip has 2 radio technologies and has 8*8mm foot print. Photo shows this IC next to US Quarter

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Language Translation App for Android

We are happy to present the UI of language translation tool for Android. This mobile application helps you learn foreign languages. Select category of your interest and click on common phrases. The application will read you the phrase in foreign language and will give you text translation.  All voices are real human provisional voice overs by our artist!

Android Mobile Language Translation Audio App

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Live Music Sync and Sharing Software

Keep access to your music files at all times. Use cloud services to store your songs on the internet and live stream them to your device anywhere in the world.
Software monitors selected folder and automatically syncs songs to the server.  Available on Windows / Mac / Linux.

Software was developed in C++ using QT libraries for graphic interface and skinning.
Program Main Screen - Linux

Linux Programing Service using QT Libraries in C++

Mac Software Development

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Club LED Disco Lights and Tube Control Software

Following software allows to control hardware based LED tubes that work as disco lights. Various light animations are possible, starting from regular predefined animations, DMX and real live animation based on frequency or wave output.    RGB LED output. Utilizes C#, Direct Show, C Libraries for PIC32 microcontroller.  Project includes both software and firmware development.


Bliss LED Disco Tubes Controller Software for Night Club


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Zoomify Map Builder and Auto Uploader

Photoshop has a plugin that create zoomify maps – series of images at various zoom levels, when viewed with zoomify player you map can look like Google map. Same works with any images, ex you want to show close up photos of the product in online store. Tool we designed allow to do automatic bulk processing of images and uploading them to the web server FTP directory.

zoomify - bulk image processor and FTP uploader

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Artificial Intelligence bot that can post messages to selected groups on meet up dot com. Fully automated process support for multiple groups, multiple accounts, automatic detection of post limit and account shifting. auto posting bot

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Wave Sender – High End Audio Converter

Following app converts regular WAV files to a bit stream for high end audio DAC.  Bit stream is processed and then send over the network for playback.  Application is written in C#

Wave High End Audio Streaming Server Application

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3D Model Manipulation – Software + Hardware

We wanted to log car stability sensors and show video representation of every turn and its accelerations. This 3D engine is done in C++ and shell is done in Everything is connected to gyroscope to measure position status. This is good visualization program to show car status. We also have short video showing how this works.

StuntMaster CarPC 3D Interface

StuntMaster CarPC 3D Interface

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3D Game – Custom Java Game

Nice 3D game done in java by one of our programmers it can run on website or be installed on iPone / iPad
3D was not necessary for thi project but it added extra dimension and made game look much better comparing to if it would be done in 2D simple graphic

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