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Vector Conceprt Art and Animation for Video Game

Every game need good graphics and good ideal. We developed those characters for iPad space shooter game  

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Game Development and Concept Art Creation

Are you ready for next mobile game designed by S7? We are in progress of developing cross platform game for phones and tablets. It will be space ship  game with nice and exiting levels and all custom graphics and sound.  Here is one of the action charkters from our upcoming game.

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Website Animated Video Presentation – Video Production

Animated Video presentation for Hair Jobs Online

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Web Site Instructional Video Animation

This video animation was done to show night life site features and its business logic. It works as short manual and promotional video at the same time.  Animation is done in Adobe Flash and then  convert to video. Professional Voice Over is added so you don’t have to read any text directions.

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3D Models and Rendering

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3D Game – Custom Java Game

Nice 3D game done in java by one of our programmers it can run on website or be installed on iPone / iPad
3D was not necessary for thi project but it added extra dimension and made game look much better comparing to if it would be done in 2D simple graphic

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Website Instructional Video / Animation

One of our clients wanted to have a “demo” of his website made with video. So we created an animation that  shows how to use website and what the site is about. It came out very nice. Cool good looking video for web, easy to understand easy to follow! Check it out!

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