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SolidWorks 3D simple model architectural design


Part designed in SolidWorks to provide visual reference of 2D profile. Part can be converted to STL for 3D printing or mold injection.  Final rendering is attached.


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3D Rendering and CAD Modeling

Project was to render 3d max model with V-Ray lighting to create high resolution and photo realistic image of given model.Bike 3D Model Rendering - Photorealistic AAE FX

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3D Car Virtual Tuning and Model Design Service

If you want to see how your car will look after new paint job or custom body kit installation, or if you want full ground up development of the look of your car then you can use TempGP Virtual Tuning Service.

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3D Models and Rendering

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3D Model Manipulation – Software + Hardware

We wanted to log car stability sensors and show video representation of every turn and its accelerations. This 3D engine is done in C++ and shell is done in Everything is connected to gyroscope to measure position status. This is good visualization program to show car status. We also have short video showing how this works.

StuntMaster CarPC 3D Interface

StuntMaster CarPC 3D Interface

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3D Game – Custom Java Game

Nice 3D game done in java by one of our programmers it can run on website or be installed on iPone / iPad
3D was not necessary for thi project but it added extra dimension and made game look much better comparing to if it would be done in 2D simple graphic

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