Sky7Web QR Code Promo Flyer – Patent Pending Customer Identification

Recently we started testing our new patent pending technology witch utilizes customer management and identification procedures. Potential client gets a flyer or other media with unique ID. In given case this is QR code that can be scanned by the phone. If client scans the code we will automatically apply they discount toward their service. On average we don’t give discounts but with our technology we now can know who of our agents brought the clint in and in this way we can work with the client referees who are most efficient as result less money is spent on advertisement and so we can give reasonable discounts to our new clients. ┬áThere is back end to our software that show all the performance statistic and campaign management. Software can be used as web service or iPhone / Android App. If you interested in trying out our marketing system please contact us.

Flyer Design and Printing with Unique QR or Barcode ID

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